[rt-users] not sending notifications to users that already received them

Albert Dvornik bert+rt at rti.com
Tue Aug 3 10:14:05 EDT 2004

Hi, folks.

I'm putting an RT server into production to help handle our support.
I would like to keep it as simple as possible to correspond with users
by e-mail, without using the Web interface, and have RT do the right
thing.  (I'm *way* too addicted to my Emacs...)

One current snag with this is the behavior of the notification scrip
actions.  They always send mail to all selected recipients
(Requestors, Ccs, etc) for the ticket, even if the transaction was the
result of sending mail to both RT and those recipients.

I created a set of scrip actions based on RT::Action::Notify that
strip out the mail To and Cc addresses from the list of destinations
for the current mail message.  Are patches welcome? =)  And if so,
should I send a patch against RT::Action::Notify, or a patch that adds
a bunch more script actions for "Notify Non-Mailed ..."?  (The former
makes more sense to me, but perhaps not everyone would agree.)


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