[rt-users] Performance issues with RT3 (all versions)

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Tue Aug 3 20:21:33 EDT 2004

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Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote:

jcm>> Debian is configured correctly).

| so as I understand no memory presure.


jcm>> To the system has been added MySQL version 4.0.18 (Debian 4.0.18-5).

| Turn on log of slow queries with limit 1 second.

I will look in to this.

| http://wiki.bestpractical.com/?Debug
| Also can you create full SQL log for one request to Ticket/Display page?

The problem here again will be producing some fake data to send to you
so I will need some time since I am at a conference tomorrow.

|> I have also installed RT 3.2.0 as well as other versions.
| Does it make any sense if you switch to 3.0.x.


jcm>> I have performed database OPTIMIZE, ANALYZE, etc. etc.

| It doesn't help if you are on InnoDB. Are you?

I tested my configurations with each MySQL table type in turn and each
time re-installed and reconfigured mysql from a dump.

| You didn't report what versions of modules and perl do you have?
| mod_perl 1.x or 2.x? if 1.x then DSO or Static?

Tested on mod_perl 1.x and 2.x compiled as DSO from Debian.

| This output isn't normal

I know. Hence the reason for posting it - do you think compiling apache
up from source is going to make that much performance difference?

The trace output suggests that SearchBuilder has some pathological
problem but that output came from a release from CPAN yesterday.


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