[rt-users] Re: Performance issues with RT3 (all versions)

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Tue Aug 3 20:56:24 EDT 2004

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Nate Duehr writes:

| An upgrade to Perl 5.8 just hit my Debian Testing machine recently.

This issue has been ongoing for many months now.

| I have a 3500 ticket system with lots of file attachments

We get lots of attachments with customers sending in multiple data sets
for analysis (I work at an instrumentation company). The problem
actually is exacerrated by a large quantity of mail attachments however
this does not appear to be the root cause.

| and InnoDB turned on in MySQL (it's off by default if you upgraded to
| Testing and didn't turn it on).

Oh but I did. In fact I tried a number of different MySQL configurations
and even tinkered with the indexing that RT had chosen. I am not now
thinking that MySQL is at fault here but will run the slow query logging
to provide some figures.

| The machine is an Athlon 2500 with 512 MB RAM

The processor in the production box is something over 1GHz with 1GB RAM:

AMD Duron(tm) processor 1104.978 64 BK cache size.

| and asoftware RAID1 root filesystem.

No software RAID on those boxen to slow down write or speed up read IO.
Note that both kernel 2.4 and 2.6 are running on separate machines.

| I'm running apache1 with mod_perl.

Currently so am I. I have tried apache2 and numerous other possible
configurations which might help.

| I'd say performance on my system is "usable" but not speedy.

I get people moaning on a daily basis that RT is various four letter
words that I will refrain from posting here. It is gets annoying.

| I'd say the Celeron 600 is probably the biggest bottleneck

I noted that this is just for the test box I am using. The test box was
installed in order to agressively screw with RT without having to do
things on a box people were trying to use to deal with customers.
Loading times over 5-10 seconds are out of whack in any case.

| what does the load average look like on the machine and
| which processes are taking up CPU?

There is only one process running most of the time and that is whatever
is running the perl - be it apache modperl or whatever.

| How much RAM do you have?


| I noticed large performance increases when I tweaked MySQL

I have tried every standard my.cnf provided for different workloads and
have tweaked numerous tunables without any performance improvement.

| the machine is hitting swap from time to time

This machine is not paging out to disk under normal circumstances. I am
fully aware of standard UNIX sysadmin tuning and so on.

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