[rt-users] RT 3.2.1 from freebsd-ports

Nathan J. Mehl rtusers at memory.blank.org
Wed Aug 4 09:43:06 EDT 2004

In the immortal words of Scott Lambert (lambert at lambertfam.org):
> After 'portdowngrade'ing perl to 5.8.4, did you ?
>  portupgrade -fr perl -x perl-5.8.4
> That may or may not help.

Wow, my CPUs hate you now. :)

Anyway, for the record, after rebuilding pretty much everything on
this server twice, I finally got half a clue and realized...

...that the RT-Statistics-0.15 package has a slightly incompatibility
with RT 3.2.x: the "Tabs" page it puts in local/html/Elements contains
a link to the old, rt-3.0-style search function, i.e.:

                    B => { title => loc('Tickets'),
                        path => 'Search/Listing.html'

Replacing that with the link from the base Elements file, i.e.:

                    B => { title => loc('Tickets'),
                        path => 'Search/Build.html'

...solved the problem.

May I suggest that Listing.html become an alias to Build.html in


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