[rt-users] Install Problem: RT requires that MySQL be InnoDB table support be enabled.

Jason Maderios jmaderios at bigrocksports.com
Mon Aug 9 09:50:06 EDT 2004

I've have completed the rest of the install and solved all the perl
dependencies however when I go to initialize the DB I get this error:
OS: Fedora 1
Perl: 5.8.3
Mysql: 3.23.58
RT: 3.2.1
[root at mts-fs rt-3.2.1]# make initialize-database
/usr/bin/perl //opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --action init --dba root
In order to create a new database and grant RT access to that database,
this script needs to connect to your mysql instance on localhost as
Please specify that user's database password below. If the user has no
password, just press return.
Password: Now creating a database for RT.
Creating mysql database rt3.
RT requires that MySQL be InnoDB table support be enabled.
Remove the 'skip-innodb' line from your my.cnf file, restart MySQL, and
try again.
make: *** [initialize-database] Error 255
set-variable    = key_buffer=128M
set-variable    = max_allowed_packet=20M
set-variable    = table_cache=256
set-variable    = sort_buffer=8M
set-variable    = record_buffer=4M
set-variable    = myisam_sort_buffer_size=64M
set-variable    = thread_cache=8
# set-variable  = thread_stack=256k
# Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
set-variable    = thread_concurrency=8
Has anyone seen this before?
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