[rt-users] Problem with attachments section after upgrade.

Spencer, Roger RSpencer at evare.com
Mon Aug 9 14:39:05 EDT 2004

Well, I got it working.  

I installed to a new directory, pointed apache at it, and it works.

I think I made the mistake of not moving out the existing files before
the upgrade.

Roger Spencer
RSpencer at evare.com

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Upgraded from 3.0.11 to 3.2.1.  I'm having a problem with displaying a
ticket.  It halts at the attachment section and gives the following

error:   	Can't call method "Next" on an undefined value at
/usr/local/rt3/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments line 67.
64:  	<%INIT>
65:  	my %documents;
67:  	while ( my $attach = $Attachments->Next() ) {
68:  	next unless ($attach->Filename());
69:  	unshift( @{ $documents{ $attach->Filename } }, $attach );
70:  	}
code stack:
raw error

I've tracked $Attachments back to
my $attachments = RT::Attachments->new( $session{'CurrentUser'} );

Got stuck trying to find what RT::Attachments is doing.

I'm guessing the DB modifications failed and the query that tries to
find the attachments is failing, but that's as far as I've been able to

Any help would be appreciated. 

Roger Spencer
RSpencer at evare.com


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