[rt-users] RT-Mailgate with Exchange

Matt Hackett mhackett at mixzon.com
Mon Aug 9 15:27:01 EDT 2004

You should set up a working MTA on the machine which hosts RT and set it
up according to the RT docs. Then simply create a contact in active
directory with a primary SMTP address of
some-queue at rtserver.somecompany.com. Add whatever addresses you want to
be reachable/forwarded to RT as non-primary SMTP addresses on the
"E-mail Addresses" tab of the contact's properties page. Exchange will
accept the mail and forward it on to the MTA at
rtserver.somecompany.com, which should in turn hand it off to

Note that this means when users reply to correspondence from RT they
will be responding to some-queue at rtserver.somecompany.com (or whatever
address), thus at this point Exchange will not be involved and the mail
will go directly to the RT server. If you have a firewall, this could
present a problem. We solve that here with a Linux smarthost on the
fringe which accepts all incoming mail and hands it off to Exchange or
the RT server, depending on the address. You could also just change the
RT settings to always point to Exchange addresses (ie, create another
contact for some-queue-comments at rtserver.somecompany.com and
some-other-queue at rtserver.somecompany.com, etc, etc). However, that
method will quickly become cumbersome -- way too many contacts -- if you
have more than one or two queues.

Hope that helps.
Matt Hackett

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Hello There:
I just successfully completed the install of the latest release of RT on
Fedora Core 2, so far I'm understanding the concept of RT, but in a more
technical aspect, I might need some help, I wanted to know if there is
anyone out there, who has successfully integrated RT-mailgate to use an
Exchange server instead of Sendmail, unfortunately my company is using
exchange for mail, so what possible ways can I set to make that
operational, because when users send requests to an email address it
goes to the exchange server and not sendmail.



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