[rt-users] RT3 Performance Issues Update

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Thu Aug 12 08:10:18 EDT 2004

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Jesse Vincent wrote:

| On Aug 11, 2004, at 7:12 AM, Jon Masters wrote:
|> Hi all,
|> However I have forced myself to play around more with perl and have
|> been using an interactive mod_perl debugging session to determine that
|> there is potentially a problem in the
|> DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cacheable code as it likes to go and sit
|> in big long loops looking for stuff that has expired from its object
|> cache. Can I turn off the cacheing and just use the database directly?
| Sure, but that will hurt in other ways.

How would you recommend that I do this - I would like to rule out issues
with that part of SearchBuilder - documentation is somewhat light.

|> It likes running the expire code path hundreds of times, e.g.:

| How long does the cache expirey take when run outside the debugger?

I'll run this through the profiler again.

| But you have hit on one of the places I've had flagged in the back of my
| head as a possible point of pain for a while.

I think it is the cause of most of my grief.

| I'd be quite happy to see a patch for a more
| efficient cache expiry mechanism.

I'll take a look however I rarely write much perl these days and hate
object orientation in general, so it might be quite fun.

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