[rt-users] Login Page Modification

Serge Bianda serge.bianda at appiancorp.com
Thu Aug 12 08:22:43 EDT 2004

Hello there:

I wanted to know if anyone can tell me what file is handling the login
page display of RT, the reason why I'm asking this is simply because I
wanted to make some modification on it. Currently this is what is says:


>|< RT 3.2.1 Copyright 1996-2004 Best Practical Solutions, LLC
<http://www.bestpractical.com?rt=3.2.1> .
Distributed under version 2 of the GNU GPL.
To inquire about support, training, custom development or licensing,
please contact sales at bestpractical.com.


I searched index.html and the display.html files, but I could not see
where to find the line mentioned above. 





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