[rt-users] Spam control

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Thu Aug 12 17:34:38 EDT 2004

Due to the nature of our RT helpdesk the email address has to be 
published in public space (both virtual and real - web pages and paper 
flyers around the department :-) and as such, it wasn't long before the 
spammers scraped it up.  I'm looking to do a bit of spam control before 
the mail hits the helpdesk and creates spurrious tickets.

I have a mail server running a Postfix/amavisd-new/SpamAssassin setup so 
recognizing the email as spam is not a problem.  The issue is that for 
most users of this mail system, we still want to deliver the mail and 
let them set client-side filters to deal with the spam as they see fit 
based on the X-Spam headers added to their email.  However, for RT 
helpdesk mail, we'd probably want to just discard these messages.

This question might be more appropriate on another list, but I thought 
I'd ask if anyone here has good spam solutions.  I was thinking I could 
maybe run the message through procmail, which could look at the headers 
and toss out anything with an X-Spam-Flag set to Yes. I'm not at all 
familiar with procmail so I am not sure how to do this or how to pass on 
the clean ones through to the rt-mailgate script.  Pointers or working 
examples of the procmail approach or another would be greatly 
appreciated!  I'm going to start reading up on procmail, but it would be 
good to know if I'm even barking up the right tree.


Fran Fabrizio
Senior Systems Analyst
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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