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We are a small company, with some hundreds customers registered for support;
so we chose to protect RT using TMDA http://tmda.net/ . This is an
open-source challenge-response system. This allows us to have a completely
spam-free database. Whenever a new customer does not reply to the challenge,
the mail is delivered by hand; in our configuration, this is an unusual

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> Due to the nature of our RT helpdesk the email address has to be
> published in public space (both virtual and real - web pages and paper
> flyers around the department :-) and as such, it wasn't long before the
> spammers scraped it up.  I'm looking to do a bit of spam control before
> the mail hits the helpdesk and creates spurrious tickets.
> I have a mail server running a Postfix/amavisd-new/SpamAssassin setup so
> recognizing the email as spam is not a problem.  The issue is that for
> most users of this mail system, we still want to deliver the mail and
> let them set client-side filters to deal with the spam as they see fit
> based on the X-Spam headers added to their email.  However, for RT
> helpdesk mail, we'd probably want to just discard these messages.
> This question might be more appropriate on another list, but I thought
> I'd ask if anyone here has good spam solutions.  I was thinking I could
> maybe run the message through procmail, which could look at the headers
> and toss out anything with an X-Spam-Flag set to Yes. I'm not at all
> familiar with procmail so I am not sure how to do this or how to pass on
> the clean ones through to the rt-mailgate script.  Pointers or working
> examples of the procmail approach or another would be greatly
> appreciated!  I'm going to start reading up on procmail, but it would be
> good to know if I'm even barking up the right tree.
> Thanks,
> Fran
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