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Mayrhofer Arno ama80 arno.mayrhofer at inet-logistics.com
Mon Aug 16 10:43:56 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm currently installing RT on a W2K machine. It already runs fine on a
FedoraCore2 but my company wants RT to run on W2K as we depend on an other
company which gives us just W2K webservers :/

I could install about 80% of the modules but now there are a few left, and
one of them is IPC-ShareLite.

So the only way out (if there's another one, please tell me) is to compile
it manually. The whole time the compiler was complaining about missing
headerfiles, so I fed him with some from my FC2. But now he complains about
the identifier __THROW (sys/ipc.h, sys/shm.h, sys/sem.h), some redefinitions
in sys/ipc.h (lines: 33, 38) and a redefiniton of different basic types
(mode_t in win32.h and sys/ipc.h)

So is there any solution for installing IPC-ShareLite another way or which
headerfiles do I have to use to install it manually?
I'm using the Visual C++ Toolkit Commandline Compiler, would it be better to
use a sort of gcc for win (if that exists)?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards
Arno Mayrhofer
inet-logistics GmbH
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