[rt-users] Two questions about RT 3.2.1

Matt Hanley MHanley at cxtec.com
Mon Aug 16 11:12:26 EDT 2004

Hate to repost, but I've got two burning questions about RT 3.2.1:

1) Any search I do containing "Updated" returns zero results.  Is anyone
else experiencing this?  As this is a fresh install and a vital feature, our
ability to do reporting is shot.

2) Requestors names are being truncated.  For example, "John Smith" becomes

I would like to hear if others are experiencing this, if it's a bug, a
feature, etc.  As neither of these were default behaviors before 3.2, I need
to know whether I have to downgrade or take the time to customize my setup.
Any help would be appreciated.

Using Perl 5.8.4, Apache 2.0.50, and the latest fastcgi.



Matthew Hanley
mhanley at cxtec.com

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