[rt-users] rt: Server error: Not Found (404)

felix felix at rock-tnsc.com
Tue Aug 17 03:45:13 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,
   I am using rt-3.2.1, and want to use rt bin collecting some 
   When I trying to run /opt/rt3/bin/rt ls "Status='new'", and enter the 
password (I didn't exactly know what's the meaning of that, so I entered 
the mysql rt_user's password. It seems inessential with the errors below 
because whatever password I entered, it returned the same error 
message.)  , Then the error mesage like my subject appeared: rt: Server 
error: Not Found (404).
   I asked GOOGLE: How about this error, and GOOGLE directed me to the 
http://marc.free.net.ph/message/20030814.061556.49965aa2.html. But the 
ticket problem is version 3.0.4 and my rt is 3.2.1, I think the bug must 
be fixed yet.
   Or would I modify some configurations in the RT_SiteConfig.pm?
   I have no idea. Anyone can give me some suggistions?


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