[rt-users] RADIUS Authentication

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Tue Aug 17 13:56:33 EDT 2004

You're looking for mod_auth_radius, at least for Apache. 
RT ca be configured to rely on the webservers' authentication with setting $WebExternalAuth in RT_SiteConfig.pm


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Hi all,

I apologize if this has been brought up more than a few times.  I wasn't
able to make much headway manually searching the archives (is there a
searchable archive of the list anywhere?).

We would like to authenticate users against a RADIUS server.  Is this a
possiblity?  If so, where can I go to get more information about doing


Robert Hough (rch at acidpit.org)

Be sure to check out the RT wiki at http://wiki.bestpractical.com

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