[rt-users] Assigning users to groups or rights to user

Keith Edmunds keith at midnighthax.com
Thu Aug 19 10:37:20 EDT 2004

Just installed RT 3.2.1, and have created one additional user
(Configuration, Users, New user).  However, I don't seem to be able to
assign any rights to that user, or to be able to add that user to group.

When I display the user (heading "Modify the user XXXXX"), on the left in
the menu bar is the user's name with "Basics" underneath it, but no other
subheadings under the user's name.

I've also created a group (Configuration, Groups, New group), but I can't
add users to it. If I display the group, the menu bar on the left has the
group name with (among other things) "members" on it. Click on members, and
I have the "add members" screen, but the only user listed is root, not the
one I created above.

Sorry if I've done something silly, but I can't see to move past this
point. Thanks for any help.


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