[rt-users] Re: Performance Issues

Eric Sorenson eric at explosive.net
Mon Aug 23 20:31:42 EDT 2004

Ruslan U. Zakirov <cubic at acronis.ru> wrote:
> Guys. Please. Fill this info on wiki.bestpractical.com with descriptions 
> and may be links to archive of this or other similar discussion.
> '-processes X' is not optional record in config but required IMHO. When 
> you run only _one_ FastCGI process then it's something like running RT 
> under mod_perl in 'httpd -X' mode.

Another data point: this helped us greatly.  I added the following to the
FastCGIFAQ page, and changed the examples below to match -- can someone
fact-check me please?

    Q: Why is RT under FastCGI so sloooooooow? When using a progressive-rending
    browser like Firefox I see the entries appear slowly, one at a time, but
    the server doesn't appear to be overloaded and the database is not large.

    A: You might only have spawned one mason_handler.fcgi, which would cause
    all the httpd processes to block, waiting for it to service them. Make sure
    you use an appropriate "-processes X" option in your FastCgiServer
    directive, as shown below. You should have as many mason_handler.fcgi
    processes as the nominal number of httpds that are usually running
    (StartServers <= "-processes" <= MaxSpareServers) 


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