[rt-users] RT Install Problems

Stephen Quinney stephen at jadevine.org.uk
Fri Aug 27 03:41:35 EDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 09:15:56AM -0600, Daniel Blavos wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
>     I am new to RT, and it seems like an amazing program to be
> running.  My problem is that I am having problems getting it to run
> with Apache.  I already have a webserver dedicated to the LAN, and
> that runs perfectly.  I've tried to run just a simple "apt-get
> install request-tracker" but I just seem to get "Couldn't find
> package request-tracker."  Any ideas to help a noob?  Thanks
> everyone, this is a great list.

If this is on Debian sarge/testing or sid/unstable you want:

apt-get install request-tracker3

If you are on Woody/stable you will just have to wait a little while
longer until sarge becomes the new stable. It really should not be too
long now before that happens.

Stephen Quinney

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