[rt-users] RT installation

Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) philippe.dhont at searo.be
Fri Aug 27 09:32:37 EDT 2004

I did, when i check the perl dependencies of RT, it was missing in the
beginning...then i installed it with CPAN.
The file dbp.pm exists but in another directory.
I want to know how i can point apache to that directory.

Thnx & grtz,

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You have to install the package Apache::DBI for your new perl

ie: /path/to/your/new/perl/perl -MCPAN -e'install Apache::DBI'

Nicolas Varney

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Subject:  [rt-users] RT installation


I am trying to install RT.
I downloaded and installed all perl modules, mod_perl, latest apache,
mysql, ...
Tables in mysql are okay, modperl is ok, in my apache event i get:
Apache/2.0.50 (unix) mod_perl/1.99_16 Perl/v5.8.5 PHP/4.3.6 configured
--resuming normal operations

So i guess perl is working in apache.
Then i stop apache and try to add a PerlModule line and i get:

[Fri Aug 27 15:13:54 2004] [error] Can't locate Apache/DBI.pm in @INC
(@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.5/i686-linux
/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.5 make make make . /usr/local/apache2/
/usr/local/apache2/lib/perl) at (eval 2) line 3.\n [Fri Aug 27 15:13:54
2004] [error] Can't load Perl module Apache::DBI for server, exiting...

When i do a search, i can find DBI.pm in another directory ==>

How can i resolve this so that apache knows the right directory ?


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