[rt-users] Headers and Subject Fields

Janelle Seymour Janelle.Seymour at zkdinc.com
Mon Aug 30 13:36:10 EDT 2004

I'm currently running RT 3.2.1 on RH9 with mysql and mod_perl 1.29.

I've been having issues trying to locate where the text is pulled for
the subject field in the AutoReply and in the header of the main RT page
("RT for <insert name here>" underneath the logo image).  I thought it
was $rtname and/or $Organization in RT_SiteConfig.pm but when I change
that value and restart apache, it never changes.  I even tried changing
the name of the RT_SiteConfig.pm file to see if it even *pulls* from
that file, and restarted apache and had the same problem.  I did a
search throughout RT_SiteConfig.pm for the string and the only other
fields that came up were $RTAddressRegexp,
$CanonicalizeEmailAddressMatch, and $WebBaseURL.

Is there another file it should be pulling from?

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