[rt-users] (no subject)

christopher.l.hood at verizon.com christopher.l.hood at verizon.com
Mon Aug 30 14:59:05 EDT 2004

I have been trying to make RT send email to the requestor of the ticket,
to no avail, I have looked in SendEmail.pm, I have found in the docs
where it says:

disable global autoreply scrip.

For creation of unique autoreplies, however I cannot find anywhere where
it tells where to do that, I think that is what was done in the past by
the previous person, and I just want to undo it.

I even tried making my own autoreply scrip, and that sort of worked, not
fully, and not fully functional.

SO... I need to know how or where to make RT send replies to the
requestor .

Chris Hood

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