[rt-users] "Uncheck All" in mass update page?

Charles Smith charon at cyc.com
Mon Aug 30 18:00:01 EDT 2004


I just upgraded to RT 3.2.1, and I love all the new features. But I
would like to add one more, and I haven't seen how to do it posted since
I've been a member, or been able to find anything in the archives
(unless I'm just using htdig wrong..).

But when doing "Update all these tickets at one", I sometimes just want
to update perhaps 6 out of 50 tickets, and rather than building a more
specific search each time, it would be easier in those cases to just
check 6 rather than un-checking 44. Being able to toggle them all back
to "checked" if desired would be nice too.

I'm not a programmer myself or I would just figure it out. Again, I'm
sorry if this was covered, and if it was please send me a link to at
least the month it happened and I'll go find it.


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