[rt-users] Email Parser error

Niels Bakker niels=rt at bakker.net
Tue Aug 31 23:16:29 EDT 2004

* fstanley at netburner.com (Forrest Stanley) [Tue 31 Aug 2004, 21:50 CEST]:
> My logs keep filling up with this error. Anyone know what could be causing 
> this? It does not seem to be affecting the runtime of RT. But, it is 
> generating this error sometimes multiple times a second, so it can't be 
> good for the system
> Aug 31 12:54:21 support RT: Encoding error: Unknown encoding '%CHARSET' at 
> /usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/I18N.pm line 
> 204  Stack:   [/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.3/Carp.pm:191] 
> [/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.3/i386-linux-thread-multi/Encode.pm:177] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/I18N.pm:204]   [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/I18N.pm:162] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/EmailParser.pm:268] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/EmailParser.pm:247] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/EmailParser.pm:211] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm:437] 
> [/usr/local/rt3/share/html/REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway.html:31] 
> defaulting to ISO-8859-1 -> UTF-8 (/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/I18N.pm:208)

Are you seeing multiple tickets per second created?  The string
"%CHARSET" reminds me of malfunctioning spamware:

	$ grep %CHARSET mail/caughtspam 
	Content-Type: text/plain; charset=%CHARSET
	Content-Type: text/html; charset=%CHARSET

... so it could be that you have some spammy tickets in your RT instance.

	-- Niels.


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