[rt-users] "undef" settings and searching the list archives

Andy Harrison ah30 at harrisonfamily.com
Mon Feb 16 10:55:34 EST 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:49:53 -0500, Adolfo Santiago wrote
Subject: "[rt-users] "undef" settings and searching the list archives"

> For settings like:
>  Set($LogToFile, undef);
>  If I want to enable logging to a file, how do I do it?  Do I turn the
>  "undef" into a "1", or a "0", or a "yes"?

Any value that would cause it to be defined.

>  Also, are the list archives searchable?  Looking in monthly files or
>  downloading the entire 65 Meg archive is not practical for me.

Yes, it's at the bottom of the page in the mailing list section at

Andy Harrison
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