[rt-users] Speeding up RT3

Matthew Watson matthew.watson at staff.netspace.net.au
Fri Oct 1 03:12:55 EDT 2004



 I'm currently in the process of performance testing RT3 and trying to
speed things up where needed. Currently I'm finding that the front page
is taking about 10 seconds to load for a non SuperUser (about 2-3
seconds for SU's).


Tracking this down, it's the QuickSearch box that is the major slowdown,
taking about 6 seconds to load, seeming most of that time is taken up
processing the ACL in perl.


I haven't dug too far into the ACL system, but is there any way to
arrange the privileges that will result in faster ACL calls (eg, only
assigning privileges to groups, rather than to individuals,etc). Or any
other suggestions short of throwing hardware at the problem?


My setup is.


 RT 3.2.2


 About a million tickets

 Apache 1.3.27/FastCGI







Matthew Watson

Netspace Online Systems


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