[rt-users] Login problems with "automatically created user"

Fábio Sérgio Cruz fabio.cruz at camara.gov.br
Fri Oct 1 13:45:23 EDT 2004

Hi, all,
I'm new to RT and need some help. 
I'm facing this problem:
A new user is automatically created whenever a queue receives a message from
an email address unknown to RT.
This new user is allowed to access RT, but is granted no rights (except, I
supose, those given to the Everyone group).
However, when this new user tries to log in to RT to keep up with its own
tickets - with no password - the login is denied.
Is there a default password for this kind of "automatically created user"?
Thanks for any help.
My setup is:
RT 3.2.2
RedHat 9.0
MySQL v4.0
Apache 2.04
Perl v5.8.0
mod_perl v1.9907
Fabio Cruz
Camara dos Deputados

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