[rt-users] Speeding up RT3

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sat Oct 2 12:24:58 EDT 2004

>> What DBIx::SearchBuilder are you running?
> 1.01
Go up to the latest. We saw noticable performance improvements using 
the latest DBIx::SearchBuilder

>> How many queues do
>> non-superusers have on the front page?
> 18 queues, which have the right "SeeQueue","CreatTicket" and
> "ReplyToTicket" assigned to "Everyone".
>>> Tracking this down, it's the QuickSearch box that is the major
> slowdown,
>>> taking about 6 seconds to load, seeming most of that time is taken
> up
>>> processing the ACL in perl.
>> Is that a guess or do you have profiling results?
> Profiling using MasonX::Profiler.
*nod* That gets us down to mason component, but won't tell us anything 
about the underlying libraries ;)

>> If you don't have profiling results, I'd strongly recommend you use
>> standalone_httpd and Devel::DProf to profile and post those results.
> I'll have a look into doing that.


>> Also, what sorts of CPUs are sitting behind that oracle database? Have
>> your DBAs spent time profiling what RT's doing on the database side
> and
>> looking for index improvements?
> I'm not what the CPUs are off hand, it's dual processor sun hardware
> with 4gb of ram, but I can't remember exactly what, however we have 
> done
> quite a bit of work making sure the database isn't the cause of the
> problems, all the queries for the front page take less than 1 second to
> run (combined).

Now _that's's_ interesting. Have you ended up reindexing the Oracle 
database? If so, I know some folks who would love to see the work 
you've done. But that points to library issues. And the SearchBuilder 
were the ones that were most visible in our profiling runs here at Best 
Practical. (These days, much of RT's time is spent in mason rendering 
the page itself. Amazon.com has been doing a bunch of mason performance 
work that will significantly improve that in the next big release)


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