[rt-users] CGI: Making it go faster

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Mon Oct 4 03:33:22 EDT 2004

Rick Measham wrote:
> I'm creating a CGI script as a front-end to RT, however RT is very very
> slow to load. I figure there's ways to use mod_perl to make it faster.
> Anyone done that?
Many of rt-users use mod_perl or FastCGI.

> I figure I have to
> 	use RT::*
> in such a way that they stay loaded permanently in Apache. If I can do
> that then I'm happy.
> I've not used mod_perl before, so any really simple instructions would
> be greatly appreciated.
First of all, you have to install it.

1.x version: http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/guide/install.html
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/?ManualApache describe procedure too.

2.x is beta, but last releases is stable enough. Please don't try to use 
old packages.
Don't ignore 1.x docs cause it has good instructions that is still 
applicable to 2.x, for example 

> Cheers!
> Rick
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