[rt-users] [Rt-announce] Winter/Spring RT Developer Training World Tour

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Oct 6 15:37:23 EDT 2004

This summer, we brought RT training to Washington DC, Los Angeles and
Frankfurt, Germany. We're currently planning this fall's "RT Developer
Training World Tour." This time around, we hope to bring RT training to
an even broader audience.  Exact dates and locations aren't set yet, but
we've got some tentative plans and would really appreciate your feedback
and input to help us schedule sessions that meet your needs.  Classes
will take place in January and February of 2005. Each class is generally
8 hours packed full of information about how RT is built and how to
modify it to best suit your needs.

The current plan looks something like this:

  United States
   * Boston or New York
   * Houston or Austin
   * San Francisco

   * London or Amsterdam
   * Is there interest in a class in Central or Eastern Europe?

New Zealand
  * Auckland or Wellington

   * Tokyo, Taipei or Hong Kong

If you think you might be interested in attending one of these sessions
or if you want to attend RT training and we don't have a session near to
you, please drop us a line at training at bestpractical.com to tell us you
might be interested.  We generally need about 10 students to schedule a
public RT developer training class.  Students who pre-reserve seats now
will receive a 5% discount off the USD995 cost of the course.

If you're interested in having Best Practical provide a private training
session for your organization during the RT Developer Training World
Tour, please write to us at training at bestpractical.com to discuss
scheduling and discounts.

	Coming to your town soon,

	Jesse Vincent
	Best Practical Solutions, LLC

The standard boilerplate for our training sessions goes something like

Best Practical offers intensive one-day developer and administrator
training sessions taught by the developers who built RT.

Training sessions cover:

* RT's system architecture
* A guided tour of the RT source code
* Extension mechanisms you can use to customize RT
* How to tie RT into your existing authentication infrastructure
* Building your own tools that talk to the RT backend
* Automating common procedures
* Customizing RT's workflow to match your own
* How to write custom reports based on RT's data

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