[rt-users] Re: Problem using WebExternalAuth

Duncan McEwan duncan at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Wed Oct 6 17:47:15 EDT 2004

> This has been covered several time in the list archives, and I'm
> pretty sure is in the docs about WebExternalAuth.

Well, I just ran into this same problem a few days ago and couldn't find
anything in the wiki about it.  As Seph says, it *has* been covered in the
mailing list so I was able to figure it out with the help of google and a
local apache guru.

I was planning on writing something for the wiki once I've finished
experimenting with this new installation and migrated our ancient rt1 system
over to the new one.  But if someone can point me to documentation in the
wiki that I missed then I won't have to.



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