[rt-users] implementing an almost realtime status box

Kaj J.Niemi mail.sw.rt.users at spam.fi.basen.net
Wed Oct 6 18:08:38 EDT 2004


I've been asked to check out how hard it would be to implement functionality
to RT 3.2 (3.2.2 now) giving managers a quick overview on what's happening
to tickets. Ideally this should just be another box below Quick ticket
creation on RT's home page. It could look like this:

# Wed Oct 06 00:16:54 2004 (#25000) user - Status changed from new to resolved
# Mon Sep 20 11:26:40 2004 (#22222) user - Queue changed from q1 to q2
# Sun Sep 19 01:41:13 2004 (#12345) user - Priority changed from 0 to 70
# Sun Sep 19 00:16:47 2004 (#12345) user - Status changed from new to open

Having looked through the schema and Display.html it seems like I should
get a list of the 10 most recently updated tickets using Tickets.LastUpdated,
sort the results descending. Then, for each and every ticket returned, I
should get the list of transactions and in descending order using
Transactions.Created take N (thinking 1-3) print them out to something that
resembles the example above.

Has anyone implemented anything like this before? Would this be useful for
anyone else? I guess I should somehow attempt to translate the above to
existing function calls in the RT api, any pointers?

Thanks. :)

// kaj

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