[rt-users] going back to queue page?

hubert lubaczewski hubert.lubaczewski at eo.pl
Thu Oct 7 11:22:45 EDT 2004

i just upgraded to 3.2.2, and found one thing just terrible.
we have a lot of queues.
so, when i press "Home" i see the list.
then i click on a queue name and it transferrs me to queue page
(basically search for "queue = 'something' and (status = 'open' or
status = 'new')).
i open a ticket, and on ticket page, press "Show results" in hope it
will move me to queue page, but NO ! it doesn't.
it shows no tickets.
what's more - in 3.0.6 i could click on "Tickets" and get back to queue
page, but in 3.2.2 it also doesn't work.
so basically i[m stuck with going "Home" and then rechoosing queue.

am i missing something really obvious or is it really that screwed?

best regards


hubert lubaczewski
Network Operations Center
Eo Networks Sp. z o.o.
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