[rt-users] RTx::Shredder Questions

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Thu Oct 7 16:15:06 EDT 2004

Adolfo Santiago wrote:
> OK!  Reporting...
> 1.  Applying the patch generated the following reject file (which you
> requested I ignore but I'm putting here just in case):
Expected result. I _did_ checked that you can ignore it.

> 2.  The script seems to work just fine.  I ran it once and it told me the
> number of tickets (3 in this case).  I answered "y" to delete them and it
> created a bunch of entries in the logs.  Then I reran the script with the
> same date and it said "Tickets list is empty."  So, I think we are good!

> 3.  WOW!!  Deleting 3 tickets generated 583 lines in the log file!!
> Deleting ~450 tickets generated 10207 log lines.
this mean that script has deleted 583 and 10207 records in DB.
How large that tickets was? Number of transactions, Attachements? Could 
you send me log from first run(which is 583 lines and off list)? Just 
want to look on it.

> 4.  Bottom line: it seems to be working!!
> 5.  Just out of curiosity, what are all these entries in the log that I see?

> I can understand "Attachment" and "Ticket", but what are "Transaction",
> "Group", "CachedGroupMember", etc?
Read http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?DatabaseAdmin
There is description how to delete tickets at the end. Original author 
describe most transparent things, but read my notes and you understand 
why RTx::Shredder deletes records in Groups, GroupMembers, 
CachedGroupMembers, ACL, Principals, Links...

> Thanks!
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