[rt-users] [ee-consultants.de #1196] Stylesheets sometimes lost and "page cannot be displayed" errors on RT 3.2.2

Vivek Khera vivek at khera.org
Fri Oct 8 10:36:57 EDT 2004

On Oct 7, 2004, at 2:41 PM, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> On Oct 7, 2004, at 10:31 AM, Jacobsen, Jörg wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> after upgrading from 3.0.10 to 3.2.2 every now and then our RT web 
>> gui seems to lose all stylesheet information. Additionally quite 
>> frequently we are confronted with "page cannot be displayed" errors. 
>> Any ideas about its cause(s)? Our setup is
> Is it browser-specific? Are you using ssl? Does the browser request 
> the CSS stylesheet, according to apache's logs?

It happens on IE6 (WinXP SP2), and on Safari (MacOS 10.3.5) and on 
Firefox (Mac, v0.10.1).

The style sheet does get loaded according to the logs (and visually on 
screen).  Side point: is there any way to tell the httpd server to 
issue a "not modified" response rather than sending the entire style 
sheet on every request?

Exact sequence:

Log in.
Click on a queue name on the right side tab "Quick Search".
Click on any ticket subjsct in that queue to display the ticket.
Click on the "Show Results" link on the left side bar of the ticket 

The resulting screen shows the count of the number of tix in that 
queue, but no actual tix.

RT 3.2.2, SB 1.11.
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