[rt-users] when resolving a ticket message and attachments to client not sent

NN dv at proasyl.de
Wed Oct 13 10:15:48 EDT 2004

sorry people,
if this turns out to be a dull question. i've just finished installing rt
3.2.2 (apache 2.0.52, mod_perl 1.99) and am now desperately trying to get
the configuration right so we can get started.
whenever i'm resolving a ticket with "reply to requestors", the message will
be sent with any attachment and/or text i add to the admincc named in the
bcc-line, but not to the client. He just receives the plain message stored
in the template, something like "your ticket was resolved".
i've tried, of course, to google the topic, but didn't get any wiser. i've
tried to use all the templates offered by default as well as some offered by
other users, but nothing didn't work.
what am i doing wrong? is there a template that will do the trick? i'm not
good at perl, just finished lesson 6 of "perl in 21 days"...
thanks for any help
lothar fuhlrott

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