[rt-users] installing on Mac OSX?

Kaylea Hascall khascall at midway.uchicago.edu
Wed Oct 13 14:23:42 EDT 2004

I didn't have too too much trouble with my install on 10.3, but I gave up a
few things along the way which perhaps make my OS X'ness less pure :). Sneer
if you like! But I didn't try to teach RT about the funky OS X directory
naming scheme, and I compiled my own perl/apache/etc. from scratch. I did
cheat and use the mysql installer package, but it wasn't very happy with my
server being headless so you might end up with trouble there. The OS X ports
libraries, like fink and darwinports and whatnot, were not much help.

So I'd say try CPAN first (particularly, make sure your perl install has the
default CPAN packages before you start running around getting the RT-specific
packages), then try a hand-install on all wayward modules, then google for
your current error message if that fails. I did get bitten by the fact that
at one point I'd updated the OS without doing an upgrade of the developer
tools (er, xcode), so if you're not 100% sure you're on the latest version,
run the CD again. I've found that they do more than just upgrade the tools
with those CDs -- they also fix odd bugs in config files and so forth.

I had a bit more trouble with apache/mod_perl than with perl itself actually,
but once I gave up on my illusions of using apache 2..("Oh, I can make it
work! How hard can it be?" I said to myself)...I had a lot more luck -- the
guides at www.macdevcenter.com were much help there.

Hope this is helpful (or at least encouraging).

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