[rt-users] RT 3.0.10 Windows - Fetchmail - SIGPIPE thrown from an

Craig Ducharme cducharm at direct-alliance.com
Fri Oct 15 16:29:26 EDT 2004

>I have got problems installing RT 3.0.10 for Windows
>Everything worked fine except of FETCHMAIL:
>*      Fetching email from an POP3-Account works great,
>*      But the passing to the MDA-Commandline rt-mailgate.in does not
>work, fetchmail shows the following error:
>SIGPIPE thrown from an MDA or a stream socket error
>*      I already replaced the cygwin1.dll with the latest version with
>no better result.
>Has anyone dealt with this kind of problem?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>Thanks in advance,
Found resolution under post "[rt-users] Rt 3.0.10 Windows Version -
Fetchmail not working"
On Tue Aug 3 07:52:14 EDT 2004
Finally I got FETCHMAIL working on the windows plattform:
- What is nowhere mentioned is, that the windows installation requires
CYGWIN to be installed. (Fetchmail needs a home-directory...)
- Besides I had to replace the cygwin1.dll with the latest from the
CYGWIN package.
With this I got it working, for the directory-separators I used
UNIX-style, i.e. "/".




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