[rt-users] Muti-value custom field problem after 3.2.2 upgrade

Fábio Sérgio Cruz fabio.cruz at camara.gov.br
Mon Oct 18 13:07:35 EDT 2004

Hi, all,
I got this problem:
After upgrading RT from 3.0.10 to 3.2.2, the contents of muti-value custom
fields are shown as bound into a single line (no "new line" separation among
the muti-values in a given custom field).
This problem is only noticeable after any change is made to the content of
the custom field.
Did I make some mistake during the upgrade process? Or is this a known
Thanks for any help.
Fabio Cruz
My setup is:
RT 3.2.2 (upgraded from 3.0.10)
RedHat 9.0
MySQL v4.0
Apache 2.04
Perl v5.8.0
mod_perl v1.9907

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