[rt-users] CC field question

Jim Rowan jim.rowan at starcore-dsp.com
Tue Oct 19 14:21:17 EDT 2004

> We use cc's to ask questions and inform parties who are not the
> or watchers.
> Yes, it should send out an email to that person(s) for that one time
> If it isn't, check your mail log.

My understanding is that ALL mail (with the exception of "abnormal
conditions" such as permission denied, etc...) that might be sent is
triggered by a scrip and handled by one of the templates.

Thus, whether mail gets sent when you fill in the CC box depends on if
you have an appropriate scrip.

> On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Nathan Kroll wrote:
> }When you comment on a ticket, there is a text box that is labelled as
> }the CC field.  If you add an address to that field, will RT sent an
> }email to that person regardless of what scrips are in place, or is
> }that one-time CC held to the same rules (due to scrips) as the
> }CC people on the ticket?

I think these are "other recipients", and thus not handled exactly the
same way as (regular) Cc's.  However, it is still done via a scrip.

> }The reason I'm asking is because it was my understanding that when
> }adding a CC address when commenting, that they would recieve and
> }regardless, but it doesn't seem to be working that way.  In fact, our
> }install of rt isn't sending email to even the CCs set on ticket
> }creation.  Is this due to scrip problems?  Is just having the
> }addresses not enough, do I need a scrip that tells rt that it should
> }actually send mail to the CC people?

The latter.  The default installation does not have (or did not) a scrip
that covers "on create notify ccs ...".


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