[rt-users] Public RTFM

Rick Measham rickm at 3d3.com
Wed Oct 20 20:22:57 EDT 2004

We're using RT with RTFM to handle support requests here. However we're
not letting user's log in. They go to a different interface to submit
their question. This means that we can ask them all sort of questions
and put all sort of validation on it. Including the ability to charge

However, before we charge them we'd like them to be able to search RTFM.

1. Is there an existing publicly available way to access RTFM without
any sort of logging in?
2. or has anyone else written such a beast? (I'm thinking that it would
be best to just access the database rather than going through the API
for speed. We're not writing, and we're only reading in non-complicated

Rick Measham
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