[rt-users] RE: Install problem

Peter Landy peter.landy at utlsc.net
Thu Oct 21 02:50:20 EDT 2004

Yes I did read the error and yes I did read the docs but unless I missed
something or a step there is nothing to resolve it there? I have installed
everything it said to install. The docs seem to run fine up until the point
of the apache setup then stop?


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> Can anyone though light on this as I so far have not been able to 
> resolve the issue.

Did you read the error?

> The next step is to edit your webserver's configuration file to 
> instruct it to use RT's mod_perl, fastcgi or speedycgi handler. If you 
> need commercial support, please contact us at sales at bestpractical.com.

Is this unclear? Did you read the install docs?


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