[rt-users] Groups for Non Priviledged users

Niranjan Patel niranjan at altair.com
Fri Oct 22 09:36:39 EDT 2004

I tried the other way.

In the file Admin/Elements/SelectNewGroupMembers I commented the line

This will show all users in the selection box for members.

Now you can add and remove all non privileged users to the groups at will
I just wanted to confirm that this should not be a problem going ahead with
the workflow of RT.


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Currently the RT interface only allows privileged users
to be put in a group, but that doesn't mean it can't
be done. There are 2 solution you might try:

1. Use the RT API do add the users to the groups.

2. Make them privileged, put them in the groups, and
then take away privileges. They should still be in the


On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 04:18:21PM -0400, Niranjan Patel wrote:
> Hello All,
>  We have 2 offices which have their own Queues. For example each one has
> own IT Queue.
>  I was thinking of creating of creating 2 different Queues say IT-Office1
> and IT-Office2.
>  Now in my system I will create 2 user groups and based on the location I
> will add Users to that group.
>  Each group will have permission to create ticket in their own respective
> queue.
>  I have 6 queues which will be common for at least 2 offices for now.
>  Now the problem is I will have to make all users in the system Privileged
> for this to work. Since Grouping is only allowed for privileged users
>  Is there any way to group non privileged users? Or even customize the
> system
> regards
> Niranjan Patel

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