[rt-users] comment on UI improvement?

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Mon Oct 25 10:08:41 EDT 2004

I'd like to make a small tweak to the UI to reduce
the number of clicks for some common opeartions here.
If anyone has comments, I can do it in a way that
others might find useful.

One thing we do fairly often is to change the
status to either resolved or deleted.  Right now,
we have to click to a new page (either "resolved" or
"Basics"), select the right status from a dropdown,
(then possibly scroll and) hit the "update" button.
For these common ops, I'd like to have links or
buttons right on ticket display page.  

Possibly in the "Basics" box, or possibly in the
"reply|resolve|take|..." links.  One issue -- right
now "resolve" means "go to a new page where you
can set the status to 'resolved' and optionally
add a comment/append".  I'll need a new word to
mean "just set the status and don't comment".
'Close' ?  or ???

Might be possible to hide these links (and maybe
others, like changing the queue) with a bit o' javascript,
similar to what's done with the 'X' used to show/hide
the boxes for 'Basics', 'People', 'Custom Field', and so on.
That would add a click, but at least it's a faster click,
and would maintain the currently clean look.

Anyone care about speeding these operations?


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