[rt-users] Login screen popping up after each request for a newscreen

Stephen Foster sfoster at argogroup.com
Tue Oct 26 11:35:56 EDT 2004

Me too. I just upgraded our 3.06 to 3.11. Internet Explorer users have
this problem while users of Mozilla Firefox do not.

I tried the 3.2.2 release and the problem exists there too.

Like Jeff I have carefully examined the configuration of IE with regard
to cookie handling without finding any fault. Has anyone encountered/
resoved this?


Stephen Foster

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Thanks for your reply.

I'm not blocking cookies, and I turned off the popup blocker. I'm not
getting cookies from that site for some reason.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks again!


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* JBrooks-Manas at rmcengr.com (Jeff Brooks-Manas) [Tue 12 Oct 2004, 01:15
> I'm using RT 3.0.12 on Windows 2000. Every time I switch screens, I'm
> prompted to enter my username and password. This happens in IE6 only,
> Firefox works great. I've tried changing cookie settings, and I've
> the RT server to the list of trusted sites, but that doesn't help.

Check your IE6 security zone settings, you're probably still blocking
cookies (e.g. are you using a popup blocker?)

	-- Niels.


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