[rt-users] RT Installation Manual on Wiki

Paul McFerrin pmcferrin at insight.rr.com
Fri Sep 10 01:37:41 EDT 2004


Sorry I don't have your original posting on this issue since I deleted it.

w.r.t the RT Installation Manual on Wiki, it has the EXACT statement referring to
Innodb and MySQL.  It is not worded as a requirment rather than a hint it is supported in 
MySQL 4.x.

When I downloded RT 3.0.12, the manual (from bestpratical) was the only reference material 
that I saw.  Even though it contained many details, I found it difficult to follow and make 
decissions on how to setup my RT.

I now have RT up for testing but later discovered some writeups by Sun on installing
RT on Solaris which added some light; some of which I have discovered on my own during the 
fustrating process.

I know that attempting to always provide up-to-date documentation on a moving target is not 
very easy but the draft manual does have a April 2003 date which is 16 months old!  The 
README file in the distribution that I downloaded had the same draft date.

Now a related subject  ...  getting things straight ...
If I want to convert my RT 3.0.12 DB to Innodb, is there anything else that is needed to be 
done outside of:

     'alter table <tablename> type=innodb;'

for all of RT3 tables in MySQL? (after configuring/enabling Innodb first)

Can your revised and new DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.10 be used for RT 3.0.12 without harm?  I 
don't want to upgrade to another moving target at this time.

-paul mcferrin

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