[rt-users] Listing.html - missing?

O'Brien, Kevin Kevin.OBrien at sonyconnect.com
Thu Aug 18 11:05:07 EDT 2005

Which version of 3.x are you using?  Listing.html would be in 3.0.x, but
was removed in 3.2.x and after.  It was replaced with Results.html.




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Ok so here is a strange one for all of you. 

I rebooted my rt server last night and when I come in this morning I
logged into the system and clicked on the Tickets link ( RT 3.x) and
found that the Listing.html find couldn't be found with a nice apache
error message telling me it is missing.

So I shelled in, went to my RT3 install dir did a find .  -name
Listing.html -ls and it came back with nothing. 

I then went to my build src for RT3, and did the same find command and
didn't find the file in the extracted tgz file. 


Would someone mind pasting in the contents of the Listing.html file so I
could re-create it and put it back in $RT/share/html/Search?

Unless there is something I can do from the source to get this, I figure
this is the simplest way. 

Thank you. 


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