[rt-users] Few problems ...

Nadeem Shahbaz nadeem.shahbaz at prog.awpdc.com
Thu Dec 1 13:38:51 EST 2005

	i am facing some problem on RT.(Using sendmail)
1 - in FAQ, RT doesn't send some mails to users, i changed that variable
but still no success.[if there is any script, pls paste it :-)]
2 - YAHOO ! Web interface do not display message contents, but a link to
save text message, so that user can read. So far i diagnose it, i think
YAHOO ! Web interface somehow don't display UTF-8 encoded messages. I
have changed $EmailOutputEncoding from utf-8. But still RT encoding
outgoing e-mails with utf-8

i restated apache so that changes can take effect, but still $%#@*$. is
there any other way to rehash RT ? or solution to above problems ? or
both ? ;-D


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