[rt-users] Changing states from a scrip

Eric Horne eric.horne at teradyne.com
Thu Dec 1 14:26:55 EST 2005

I have a script that changes the state of a ticket based on the contents 
of the transaction. For example, if someone responds with "Resolved" as 
the first line in the body of an e-mail, I'd like the ticket to resolve 

I have something working using self->TicketObj->SetStatus("resolved"). 
The ticket does go into the resolved state as desired. However, it does 
not appear to cause the "Notify requestor on Resolve" global scrip. So 
while the ticket is resolved, the requestor does not get any e-mail. Of 
course, the global  "On Resolve notify requestor" works fine on queues 
without my SetStatus scrip.

How can I change the state of a ticket and fire the "On Resolve notify 
requestor" scrip?

I'm running RT 3.4.4 w/ ActivePerl 5.8 on a RHEL3 box.

Thanks for your help!


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