[rt-users] statistics module

Torsten Brumm tob at brummix.de
Sun Dec 4 13:38:00 EST 2005

Hi Victor,

there is a "bug" in the Tabs File from the Statistics Package, the 
correct link is not Listing.html it must be Build.html.

Have a look onto the Files of the Package..


Victor schrieb:

> I installed the statistics module.
> It works fine, but after I installed it the Tickets serach stopped 
> working.
> When I tried to search something it complains that the 
> Search/Listing.html file is missing.
> In the Tabs file from Statistics module it should write Build.html 
> instead of Listing.html at line 47.
> I replaced the line and is working.
> I hope I haven't broken some functionality.
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