[rt-users] $ParseMessageForTicketCcs for correspondence?

Torsten Brumm tob at brummix.de
Sun Dec 4 13:59:45 EST 2005

Hi Guys,

>>It appears that $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs is for new tickets only,
>>not for ongoing ticket email based correspondence.  I've looked in the
>>FAQ and archived messages, but I haven't been able to find a clear,
>>safe, way of adding non-duplicate CC's to a ticket for email
>>correspondence in a similar manner as $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs.
>>Hints anyone?
>One. Be very, very careful. This would mean that anyone could add
>themselves as a cc to all of your tickets, just by "spamming" you.
If i understand the statement correctly:

# If $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs is true, RT will attempt to divine
# Ticket 'Cc' watchers from the To and Cc lines of incoming messages
# Be forewarned that if you have _any_ addresses which forward mail to
# RT automatically and you enable this option without modifying
# "RTAddressRegexp" below, you will get yourself into a heap of trouble.

Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs , 1);

Then the RT will add each Mail Address from To and Cc Line, so you have 
to check the next option:

# RTAddressRegexp is used to make sure RT doesn't add itself as a ticket 
CC if
# the setting above is enabled.

Set($RTAddressRegexp , '^rt\@messenger.int.kn$');

But, how can i make sure, that the system don't add itself ?!? The 
Regexp can do a lot, but you have to use mail addys where you can 
"filter" for. But what if you have Mail Addresses like:

support at company.com
rt at company.com
helpdesk at company.com

How will you create the regexp for this?

@Jesse: is it possible to add all the RT System Mailaccounts separated 
by comma??? This could work, but better would be a check to the DB's 
Correspond and CommentAddress?!?

Any hints?? So far i know, this worked good at the old RT2.....?!?


>>Sorry if I've missed anything obvious.
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